Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Reviews (page 9)

Released: March 22, 2016

"Transcendental was a very tough act to follow, and, not altogether unexpectedly, Gunn falters."
Sequel to what was possibly Gunn's best ever, Transcendental (2013)—and second of a projected trilogy.Read full book review >
WORLD'S END by Will Elliott
Released: March 22, 2016

"Fans of the previous volumes won't be disappointed; more skeptical readers can appreciate and admire Elliott's inspired resourcefulness while believing nary a word."
Following Shadow (2015), the final entry in the innovative but opaque Pendulum trilogy. Read full book review >

The Passion Season by Libby Doyle
Released: March 19, 2016

"A tale about Lucifer's son that deftly draws in readers with engrossing characters and room for expansion."
An ancient warrior on Earth for centuries falls in love with a human woman, which may make him vulnerable to his evil, demon-controlling father in this debut paranormal romance. Read full book review >
Emergence by Tyler Brand
Released: March 18, 2016

"A work of surprising depth even as it delivers the powerful chills and thrills readers expect from a battle with formidable creatures."
Brand provides a dark tale about a war veteran in this debut sci-fi thriller. Read full book review >
Reawakening by Alexander DaShaun
Released: March 16, 2016

"The ultimate crossroads for fans of werewolves and medieval sorcery."
In this debut fantasy, a shape-shifting sorcerer attempts to develop the skills necessary to thwart an ancient prophecy. Read full book review >

The Three Worlds by Nara Duffie
Released: March 16, 2016

"An enchanting, spirited tale packed with genuine adventure for characters and readers alike."
Three young girls hope to avert a war between humans and the monsters who believe Earth is rightfully theirs in this second installment of Duffie's (A Lanodekan Bestiary, 2016, etc.) middle-grade fantasy series. Read full book review >
Released: March 15, 2016

"A lyrical immersion into a finely wrought world."
A ruling House faces an internal rebellion that affects the lives of four women. Read full book review >
THE LAST MORTAL BOND by Brian Staveley
Released: March 15, 2016

"A deeply satisfying but bleak, dark work; its only illumination are flashes of high tragedy and perhaps the glimmers of a realistic but not far-ranging hope."
Humanity teeters toward doom in the concluding Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne (The Providence of Fire, 2015, etc.). Read full book review >
REBEL OF THE SANDS by Alwyn Hamilton
Released: March 8, 2016

"Romantic, thrilling, hilarious, and just plain great fun. (Fantasy. 12 & up)"
A sassy desert sharpshooter swashbuckles through a six-gun Arabian Nights in this fantasy debut.Read full book review >
LADY MIDNIGHT by Cassandra Clare
Released: March 8, 2016

"Fans of Clare's grandiloquence will enjoy the torrid new cast of characters, positively aquiver with secret ardor and murderous zeal. (Urban fantasy. 13-17)"
By the Angel, it's a new series from the reigning queen of schmaltzy forbidden love against a backdrop of geysering green ichor. Read full book review >
The War of Words by Amy Neftzger
Released: March 3, 2016

"Engaging characters and an imaginative plot make for a satisfying read."
Neftzger's fantasy novel refreshes the conventions of the genre while meeting readers' expectations of it. Read full book review >
BLOOD PASSAGE by Heather Demetrios
Released: March 1, 2016

"Here's hoping the third book arrives faster than a jinni can manifest a glass of spiced Arjinnan wine. (Fantasy. 15 & up)"
After three years of servitude under a greedy half-human/half-jinn master, jinni slave Nalia Aisouri'Taifyeh is free—almost. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Morgan Matson
July 25, 2016

The Unexpected Everything is a YA feel-good story of friendship, finding yourself, and all the joys in life that happen while you’re busy making other plans. Andie has a plan. And she always sticks to her plan. Future? A top-tier medical school. Dad? Avoid him as much as possible (which isn’t that hard considering he’s a Congressman and he’s never around). Friends? Palmer, Bri, and Toby—pretty much the most awesome people on the planet, who needs anyone else? Relationships? No one’s worth more than three weeks. So it’s no surprise that Andie’s got her summer all planned out too. Until a political scandal costs Andie her summer pre-med internship, and lands both she and Dad back in the same house together for the first time in years. Suddenly she’s doing things that aren’t Andie at all. “Romance fans will find plenty to enjoy, as Andie gradually lets down her guard and risks the messy and unpredictable wonder of first love,” our reviewer writes. “A novel best read on a lazy summer day with sand between the toes.” View video >