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Released: Sept. 12, 2017

"An unsettling but highly thought-provoking book."
An exploration of how "there is something presently wrong with how…scientists think about life, its existence, its origins, and its evolution." Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 12, 2017

"Solid, eye-opening public health journalism."
An investigative journalist specializing in public health and food policy delves into the implications of chicken becoming the most consumed source of protein in the American diet. Read full book review >

Released: Sept. 12, 2017

"A lucid and provocative look at the geopolitics of energy and the shifts and dislocations it is likely to produce."
Remember when the world was running out of oil? The good news is that energy is abundant, at least for the time being. As for the bad news…. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 5, 2017

"Advice for students and teachers rounds out a persuasive plea for creative learning."
An argument for why higher education requires radical change to prepare students for an unpredictable future. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 5, 2017

"Not without flaws but an informative and inspiring book."
A video game developer tells how she became an outspoken advocate for victims of online abuse. Read full book review >

Released: Sept. 5, 2017

"A thoughtful progressive feint against the vulgar fearmongering of the moment."
A provocative look at the science and psychology behind fear-based politics. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 5, 2017

"While casual readers may not be tempted to perform the experiments, the insights Costa provides into Darwin's thinking and his revelations about the great man's working life make this a worthwhile read. A perfect resource for biology teachers."
An instructive and entertaining look at Darwin's "experimentising" and how it can be readily duplicated using mostly simple household tools. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 5, 2017

"Not just a medical history, but a call to action. TB is not some quaint 19th-century romantic tragedy but rather a very real and present danger that requires investments in diagnostics and new drugs and greater attention to social and racial inequities."
An exegesis on tuberculosis, a scourge that continues to threaten humanity: in 2015, there were 10.4 million new cases and 1.4 million deaths. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 5, 2017

"We are losing much biodiversity because of human meddling, writes this contrarian ecologist in his fascinating book. However, 'come back in a million years and we might be looking at several million new species whose existence can be attributed to humans.'"
An optimistic view of nature amid the current environmental crisis. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 4, 2017

"Baggott provides a wild but expert and comprehensive ride; readers will agree that while we have learned a great deal about matter, we still don't understand it."
An imaginative book that seeks the answer to the question, what is matter? Read full book review >
QUAKELAND by Kathryn Miles
Released: Aug. 29, 2017

"Occasionally long-winded but readable and engaging—not to mention eye-opening, as the author delivers a firm warning to policymakers as well as individual citizens."
A wide-ranging account of earthquakes, the least understood of natural disasters, with vivid stories of the havoc they create and a warning about what will someday happen in the United States. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 29, 2017

"A perceptive but discouraging analysis of the current state of government electronic surveillance."
A former civil rights lawyer considers changing attitudes regarding personal privacy within the National Security Agency following the disclosures by Edward Snowden. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Katey Sagal
author of GRACE NOTES
April 10, 2017

In her memoir Grace Notes, actress and singer/songwriter Katey Sagal takes you through the highs and lows of her life, from the tragic deaths of her parents to her long years in the Los Angeles rock scene, from being diagnosed with cancer at the age of twenty-eight to getting her big break on the fledgling FOX network as the wise-cracking Peggy Bundy on the beloved sitcom Married…with Children. Sparse and poetic, Grace Notes is an emotionally riveting tale of struggle and success, both professional and personal: Sagal’s path to sobriety; the stillbirth of her first daughter, Ruby; motherhood; the experience of having her third daughter at age 52 with the help of a surrogate; and her lifelong passion for music. “While this book is sure to please the author’s many fans, its thoughtful, no-regrets honesty will no doubt also appeal to readers of Hollywood memoirs seeking substance that goes beyond gossip and name-dropping,” our critic writes. “A candid, reflective memoir.” View video >