CITIES by Scientific American


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Of the making of cities there is no end, as evidenced by such new ones as Ciudad Guayana in Venezuela and by the growth the world over of present concentrations. Cities have been part of the human landscape for 5500 years; for the past 100 years they have been significantly increasing, and today they are growing faster in underdeveloped nations than they did in the period of peak growth in industrial societies. The present volume devoted to their study consists of twelve articles which appeared in the September 1965 issue of Scientific American. By American and foreign specialists, they survey the history of cities, the current trends toward megalopolis, problems of land allotment, transportation, metabolism, renewal, the city as environment. They also profile representative cities: Calcutta, premature metropolis, Stockholm, planned city, Ciudad Guayana, newly created city, New York, a metropolitan region. It is an intelligent round-up of preliminary information on key sites and situations of sufficient scope and specificity to be of orientation value.

Publisher: Knopf