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An atmosphere of fancies of the night envelops the tale of a hunter's moon brought into being. 1865 and young Captain Peter Owenfield comes to a forge in eastern Virginia to have his company's horses shod and when he gets lost, is saved by Kendall Dykes, whose little in life has been taken away by her cousin, Nancy Grew, and who is determined to hold what she has. A 'coon hunt with Kendall, a night of drinking with her blind father and Peter is solidly on their side against the Grews who live in the other side of the old house, Stony Lonesome. Peter's meeting with Nancy is misunderstood and at the Dykes' party, when the Grews are giving a party too, Kendall's younger brother, Ramsey, fires on the Grew side of the house with an old cannon and makes an end of any truce. Peter and Kendall head for the swamps to get Ramsey to safety and again Kendall believes that Nancy, whom Peter is trying to head off, is taking Peter from her, and, in pursuing Nancy, is killed by her. There's a haunting quality of folklore to this and a thunderhead of torment and anger adds to its foreboding. Effective.

Pub Date: Sept. 27th, 1954
Publisher: Coward-McCann