THE GOLDEN TROLLOP by Scott Natalie Anderson


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The period is that of the Prince Regent, when Beau Brummel was arbiter of fashion, and morals were at their lowest ebb. The story revolves around one wench from the Thieves' Market whose heady ambitions and drive carried her to fame as London's most glamorous mistress. Her gifts as an actress made possible her quick changeover of personalities, as fortune dictated, and only one person, a Captain on Nelson's staff, knew her through every disguise and brought her through to a final and respectable role. It is an oddly old fashioned sort of story, of the Forever Amber genre, and its glamour is deeply rooted in the minutiae of the period, and the shameless display of pre-Victorian London's excesses. One wonders if there is still that market demand- and whether a book as basically cheap as this will meet its needs.

Pub Date: July 21st, 1961
Publisher: Doubleday