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SPILL ZONE: THE BROKEN VOW by Scott Westerfeld Kirkus Star


From the Spill Zone series, volume 2

by Scott Westerfeld ; illustrated by Alex Puvilland

Pub Date: July 10th, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-62672-150-0
Publisher: First Second

Addie has finally made her big score: Does that mean she and her little sister can escape the Spill Zone?

When the Spill occurred three years ago, Addie and Lexa’s parents became two of the thousands of floating corpses in the wasteland that was Poughkeepsie, New York. Addie has made ends meet by selling photographs of the bizarre conditions inside the Zone, and she possesses growing paranormal abilities thanks to a very close encounter with “the dust.” Now that she’s sold an artifact from the Zone for $1 million, she can leave. However, Lexa’s possessed rag doll, Vespertine, has other ideas for the family, and the North Koreans—who had a similar incident—have sent their Spill survivor, a youth named Don Jae, to investigate conditions in Poughkeepsie. Of course, the American government has their eyes on the situation too. Vespertine’s eventual revelations about the nature of the Spill harden Addie’s resolve to get out…but also make the situation so much more complex. Bestseller Westerfeld’s (Nexus, 2018, etc.) second installment is the quintessential page-turner. Groundwork laid in the first volume pays off in nearly nonstop action here. Puvilland’s (Spill Zone, 2017, etc.) colorful, jagged, totally alien art is the perfect partner for this trippy tale. Addie and Lexa are white, Jae is Korean, and there is diversity in secondary characters.

The richly satisfying conclusion won’t keep readers from demanding a third volume. (Graphic novel. 12-adult)