DEAD MEN RISING by Seaforth Mackenzie


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Another portrait of men and militarism, this time set in Australia and based on a true incident -- a mass prisoner-of-war escape in that country during the war. In this story, Orloff, the Japanese interpreter, tried to warn the officers of the camp that the silent accord between the Japanese POW's and their Australian jailors was about to snap, but a combination of bland military minds accepting the smooth surfacing, and an obliviousness to the mores of a foreign culture, immunized the officers from taking preventative action. Among the casualties of the break was the Corporal, and it is in his restive and excited love affair with lovely Cathie that the contrast between individual desire and hopes, and mass thought and action is made. Most memorable, however, are the incisive portraits of the Australian soldiers- the usual collection of family men, lonely men, solid and stuffed officers and all the variety of Army catchall. A familiar frame enclosing a generous humanity.

Publisher: Harper