COUNTERSTRIKE by Sean Flannery


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A Moscow policeman stumbles on a plot to restore the old Cold War balance by assassinating Mikhail Gorbachev. International intrigue by the author of The Zebra Network (1989). Addicted Soviet-thriller readers know all about the rivalry between the KGB and their opposite numbers in the military GRU and know, therefore, how thoroughly dangerous it would be to insert oneself into the middle of a clash between the two intelligence agencies. Which is what Militia Chief Investigator Nikolai Fedorovich Ganin does when he begins to investigate the death of a KGB agent run over by a GRU track at the gate of the Lubyanka prison. Chief Investigator Ganin finds the murdered agent's recording of an incriminating GRU meeting--and takes his hypothesis of high-level treachery to his boss, who gives him license to follow the case where-ever it may lead him. It leads him to Switzerland, where Gorbachev is about to sign a new treaty with the American President and where Donald Moran, the assassin hired by the plotters, intends to do his dirty work. Word of Ganin's investigation reaches the GRU, who try to recall Moran, but the killer has his own agenda and has no intention of backing off. Attractively complicating the duel is beautiful, ambitious, newsweekly reporter Mary Frances Dean, who fraternizes unknowingly with both sides. When Ganin foils the Geneva attempt, the hunt moves to the US and then back to the USSR. Convenient coincidences and improbable leaps of intuition are forgivable--especially considering the attractions of the tenacious, thoughtful, and very human Chief Investigator Ganin and his subtle colleagues in the Militia.

Pub Date: Oct. 23rd, 1990
Publisher: Morrow