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28 Days to Personal Transformation

by Sean Meshorer

Pub Date: May 8th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-4516-4211-7
Publisher: Atria

In his debut, spiritual teacher Meshorer outlines a path to attaining bliss.

Bliss is a spiritual state where happiness, profound meaning and enduring truth converge. Based on a “distillation of the highest and most effective practices found in each of the world’s religions,” the author developed the book through a series of seminars. Here he sets out lessons organized into 28 chapters, each representing a step along the journey to bliss. The chapters begin with a story about a person struggling with the issue at hand (striving for wealth, cynicism, anger, etc.), and then Meshorer discusses the science behind this particular practice to ground the recommendation in practical benefits—e.g., the value of stress reduction through meditation. The author also includes a spiritual section in each chapter, which provides a deeper understanding and perspective for each of the practices. The chapters end with an exercise to move readers forward toward bliss, and QR codes throughout the book offer access to online videos that further illustrate the concepts. Meshorer conceived of this pathway to bliss while battling chronic back pain, and he aims to combine “the ancient and contemporary, Eastern and Western, scientific and spiritual, and practical and mystical into one unified whole.” In clear, concise chapters, the author brings together concepts like forgiveness, gratitude, living in the present, meditation and the power of service above self.

The book will have broad appeal, even though Meshorer admits that 28 days to attain bliss may be optimistic.