Diary of a Broken Mind by Sean Michael Montgomery

Diary of a Broken Mind

"A Prophetic Messenger"
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Montgomery (The Prophecies of the Apocalyptic Son, 2009) shares his autobiography and divine revelations in this spiritual work.

Half memoir, half book of prophecies, this volume tells the reader about Montgomery’s troubled life, plagued with violence, emotional distress, and visions of the world beyond this one. The author recounts that he was born into a traumatic household, where his father’s drug-fueled physical abuse left him with a head injury at a young age: “The head wound was what the doctors credited for my mental disorder, i.e., the ability to see what many were never aware of, beginning with angels, and then spirits.” Montgomery recalls that a subsequent eye injury allowed him to see into parallel universes. At 7, he witnessed the spirit of a man leaving his body after a deadly car accident. While Montgomery’s life led him through the maw of sex and drug abuse and eventually to the fatherhood of three children, he was forever reminded of his gifts and the unique plan that God had for him. That is, if he managed to survive the machinations of the devil. The second half of the book discloses Montgomery’s prophecies, which, according to the author, were delivered to him directly from heaven or sometimes via a female angel named Derdekea. These include an account of the presidency of Donald Trump, the revelation that Montgomery is descended from members of the Knights Templar, and a vision of the spirit of Bruce Lee, who encourages the author to take “a subtler approach.” Montgomery’s writing is sometimes engaging in this volume. But it is consistently overwrought as he attempts to load every incident, large and small, with great meaning. While his beliefs are rooted in Christian angelology, they are highly peculiar and unlikely to convince many readers. The more secular among them may view the author’s visionary spiritualism as an outgrowth of the highly abusive and traumatic upbringing he experienced at the hands of his father and his mother’s boyfriend. In any case, the wide-ranging book demonstrates the intricacy of Montgomery’s personal mythology.

A tragic, yet unconvincing, account of the author’s visionary gifts.

Pub Date: March 21st, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-5144-5968-3
Page count: 222pp
Publisher: CreateSpace
Program: Kirkus Indie
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