A SUMMER IN ITALY by Sean O'Faolain


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A random, rambling travel book which explores Tusoany and Lombardy leisurely, for pleasure and in a casual ood. This Irish writer, in essay-style, remembers, rather than records, Turin, Genoa, Siena, Florence, Rome, Venice, Verona in full measure but does not miss the individual qualities of way stops in between. There is honesty in his admitting that the dramatic excitement of new scenes gives way to a need for change and the desire to move on; there is vitality in his ability to create the personality and quality not only of places and tourist sights but also landscapes and people; there is a liveliness in his interests which vary from bookstalls, horse races, cathedrals and churches to religion, dungeons, the return of exiles, miracles, fashionable resorts and the behind-scenes life of those who are permanent residents. Along with the expected historical and literary allusions involved in his itinerary, there is much of his own inquiring, keenly observant personality which gives the book distinction. A book of greater interest to those who have known the country than to those who plan to go, nevertheless this 1948 travelogue is not only civilized but also essentially non-political.

Publisher: Devin-Adair