GATHER NO MOSS by Sean O'Hanlon


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This ""apocryphal autobiography"" takes as its target that area of herd instinct which can be cozened, bullied and blackmailed into action so directed -- here, by a public relations employee. Sean O'Hanlon, through his work for Wizzo oil, pyramids his jobs through the sharp practices of the Sheik of El Takit (Johnny) who, in his attempts to get the most for the oil that has been found in his patch of desert, out-distances O'Hanlon's methods and lands them both in a national -- and international crisis. The steps leading up to the Prime Minister's last stand against the pressures of vested interests, to the ennoblement of MacIntosh (born Abraham Levy), to the several uncontrollable gambits that Johnny pops and the general topsy-turvy created within the existing government, add up to a local focalizing of British push and pull in specifically Anglicized angles. Fun -- if your ear is tuned to the accent.

Pub Date: July 22nd, 1959
Publisher: Harper