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DOCTOR LILLIPUT by Sebastian Büttner


by Sebastian Büttner & Thomas Christos & illustrated by Lorcan Mulligan & developed by Gesamtkunstwerk Entertainment GmbH

Pub Date: May 24th, 2014
Publisher: GESAMTKUNSTWERK Entertaiment GmbH

Dr. Lilliput might make a sick child laugh, but he won’t really help readers understand what’s happening when they get a cold.

Whenever the villain Virus and his Band of Bacteria strike, the good doctor knows just what to do. Young Linus has come down with a cold, so the miniature Dr. Lilliput flies his trusty ambulance right up into Linus’ nose to battle the infection. Linus’ immune system, personified as guards trapped inside the sticky mucus, cannot fight the virus until Dr. Lilliput sets them free with squirts of saline spray. The cartoon illustrations and interactive games will draw readers into the story, but they provide humorous treatment rather than factual information. It is never quite clear how the guards battle the virus or how camomile flowers help soothe Linus’ sore throat. Fact boxes, hidden behind info buttons, do not provide enough detail to answer these and other questions. The English-accented narration is smooth, but interactions can be sluggish. In addition, an inadvertent tilt of the iPad can cause the ambulance to disappear, leaving readers unable to get it to Linus’ nose. One fact box is in German, without English translation.

Dr. Lilliput’s tale is much like a spoonful of sugar: sweet but not actually beneficial, unless it helps the medicine go down.

(Requires iPad 2 and above.) (iPad storybook app. 4-8)