NO EXIT by Sebastian Moore
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The fingers of 'one hand are more than adequate to tick off the modern ""spiritual writers"" who can actually write. Sebastian Moore is one of those blessed few. His style is that of a formidably literate and articulate, and a theologically sophisticated, Malcolm Boyd; and his material, though it is perhaps presented with less pariache than that of the flamboyant Boyd, is no less revolutionary in its implications. No Exit is a plea for understanding of Christ as a man who was not content to exist ""in a vacuum, as most of his followers have been content to do,"" but as an enigmatic product of his time and thus, as the ultimate human sign of contradiction. In a series of nineteen essays, or meditations, Dom Sebastian manages to do what tons of dusty neo-Thomistic tomes have failed to accomplish; he removes Christ from the realm of theological abstractions and presents him as a historical figure who is, if not wholly intelligible in human terms, then at least susceptible to identification with humans in human situations. Not the least of the author's accomplishments is that he succeeds in delighting as well as in eludicating. And who can remember the last time that happened in a religious book?

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1968
Publisher: Newman