SAND IN MY EYES by Seigniora Laune


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An engagingly candid woman's story chronicles the devotion of conjugal love with the focus on Mr. Laune and peripheral attention to town, country and the intruding innovations of the years. Coming of age on the Texas Panbandle, Nonic married the lawyer who claimed her in a determined and concentrated courtship. They acttled in Woodward, Oklahoma Territory, where civic activities helped the new community to grow. The purely personal part of her story is the best -- as she openly describes the resolution of a near-break after she had given birth to her first baby and hut herself off from her husband. There are other items of interest:- the children, the team of Dixie and Yankee who reared at the first White Steamer, the call of the beloved prairie, the runaways and criminals that brushed up with her husband's duties as prosecuting attorney. A delight in everyday living draws.

ISBN: 0806120169
Publisher: Lippincott