NOMA OF JAPAN by Seiji Noma


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The material is there for a much more interesting book than he has made of it:- this autobiography of Japan's most famous publisher. The facts of his boyhood and youth give little sense of background, but merely present facts, interesting enough, but not colored by a sense of place. He might almost have been a trouble-some, mischievous boy in school, anywhere, any time. The adventure of publishing has the earmarks of universal publishing problems, and for that reason encourages the Occidental publisher in thinking that there is similar opportunity here. But the book lacks the human touch, the personal equation, the drama of individuality, and is, frankly, pretty dull reading. Can't see a general market for it, though it should be called to the attention of publishers among your clientele. The emphasis is on magazine publishing, rather than books.

Pub Date: Aug. 30th, 1934
Publisher: Vanguard