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The Light of Love by Selena Polo Campos

The Light of Love

Poems and Words for Your Soul

by Selena Polo Campos

Pub Date: Dec. 20th, 2014
ISBN: 978-1491044292
Publisher: CreateSpace

Polo Campos’ debut collection of poetry and musings offers a message of love and encouragement.

The author extols inspirational virtues in these 129 poems and spiritual reflections, which explore some common themes. Angels, for example, appear in several; “Angels Around You” describes them as protective beings in people’s lives. The poems also mention God several times, but don’t highlight a particular religion. In works such as “God,” the poet aims to present spirituality in a nonjudgmental light: “Because your God and my God are one, / And your faith and my faith are the same. / God is love, no matter what we call him.” Some of the more verbose works take the form of a single, long stanza, and read like conversations, such as “The Song of Life,” which begins with an awkward line break: “I wrote a song the other day, and the title is ‘The / Day I met You I never thought,’ (in Spanish).” However, many of the poems in this ample volume seem hackneyed, and sound as if they could be part of a motivational speech; for example, in “A New Day,” the narrator sings the praises of self-reliance: “So you are the only one who is in charge / As the master of your journey.” Likewise, “One Day at a Time” urges readers to stop worrying, “go with the flow” and “enjoy the ride.” Overall, though, Polo Campos’ exuberant paean to love is not without merit. Readers searching for soothing lines about inner peace will find a plethora of good vibrations in this volume. In “Peace,” for instance, the narrator hopes that readers will “walk the secret paths of the spirit” to attain true peace. Fans of romantic fare, meanwhile, may relate to the love poems, which feel like song lyrics; in “Just In the Moment,” the narrator coos: “You are the sweetest melody in my heart. / You are the only one I need.”

Despite some mundane lines, readers of these poems may enjoy Polo Campos’ upbeat attitude about life.