THE UNCERTAIN GIANT: 1921-1941 by Selig Adler


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The title is an accurate reflection of the course of U.S. diplomatic history between the world wars. Mr. Adler arranges his discussion according to the Presidential administrations, and shows how each attempted, or failed, to direct a firm policy of international relations. The '20's were the complacent years in which the peace was lost and U.S. leadership, achieved during WW I, almost went by default. The '30's were years of national preoccupation with the domestic crises of the Depression. All told, it was a hit or miss twenty years that left too little attention trained on the implications of the moral and political chaos of European affairs and the indications of Japanese aggressive imperialism. Mr. Adler writes clearly and reveals, in crisp judgments, the Executive expediency at the White House that for long periods overshadowed long term goals. Mr. Adler's chapter notes comprise an excellent example of discursive bibliography which should prove to be a valuable critical aid to the assessment of contemporary books, articles and records dealing with this subject.

Pub Date: Jan. 24th, 1965
Publisher: Macmillan