HONEY ON THE HILL by Selig J. Seligmann


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A Pullman seat on the gravy train to Washington, and another life drawing of the huckster heel, this time Tony Custer, a Washington consultant (influence peddler, fixer, purveyor- at a price and not just 5%). Approached by Gilbert Burstyn, a manufacturer of machine tools, who feels that Korea will open up the market for a closed down wartime plant, and attracted by Mona, Burstyn's wife, Tony oils the way for the big deal which will put him in control of the plant- and Mona- and a million dollar return on his investment. Buying his way through to the contracts and appropriations he needs, but refusing to pay off a former friend, Tony's in-the-hand triumph runs afoul of a senate investigation, and it is Mona's deliberate betrayal which lends its private, rueful bitterness to his public ruin... The face here is quite familiar- so maybe it is time for a change?

Pub Date: May 14th, 1953
Publisher: William Sloane