A BELL FOR URSLI by Selina Chonz


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A rambling, winding rhymed tale about a boy and a bell in Switzerland with enchanting full page, full-color illustrations by Alois Carigiet. Ursli lives in a tiny village in the mountains with his father and mother (""Who toils all day for Ursli's sake""). When the Spring Festival comes around, when all the boys march with bells to celebrate the end of winter, Ursli is much cast down when he is given only a small tinkling bell. Then Ursli decides to do something about it, and after a night's adventure comes home with the biggest bell of all. Although the spoofing epic stumbles elegantly into inverted predicates now and then, the gaiety of the rhyme with the pictures of the sharp- nosed villagers and snow, sky, mountains and animals, glitters on every page. Light board binding- fragilely sewed.

ISBN: 0863156142
Publisher: Oxford