THE MODERN DANCE: Seven Statements of Belief by Selma Jeanne- Ed. Cohen

THE MODERN DANCE: Seven Statements of Belief

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Seven Statements of Belief"" by known choreographers and practitioners of the art define the nature of contemporary modern dance. They are prefaced by Selma Jeanne Cohen who sees it as ""an art of iconoclasts"" where the kinetic image is the essential; feeling and drama are out, an estimate that it becomes apparent does not apply to all her contributors. These are Jose Limon (""I try to compose works that are involved with man's basic tragedy and the grandeur of his spirit""); Anna Sokolow (""The artist must do what he feels is right""); Erick Hawkins (""The important essence of all dancing is moving quality""); Donald McKayle; Alwin Nikolais; Pauline Koner (""I would rather think of it as intrinsic dance""); Paul Taylor (The dancer is ""the thing that all dancing depends on first and last""). The statements are accompanied by ideas for choreographing The Prodigal Son, an assignment obviously responded to with various degrees of enthusiasm and assiduousness or inspiration but revealing of work methods even in reticence. Perhaps less than the editor intended but a symposium of certain value in the field of American dance and of special interest to students.

ISBN: 0819560030
Publisher: Wesleyan Univ. Press