MEGALOPOLIS UNBOUND by Senator Claiborne Pell


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Readers with prior knowledge of this lawgiver-author's career will scarcely be astonished to discover what sort of Hercules he has in mind for the rescue of his modern Titan, the super-city. Claiborne Pell of Rhode Island has been the Senatorial champion of the railroads for most if not all of his public life. This is not said in order to dismiss the present volume as mere special pleading; there is a good deal more to his theme---that ""we should and could make far better use of our railroads, "" and, in so doing, that we would greatly improve the transportation facilities of our Megalopolitan Eastern Seaboard. Most of the facts and figures offered here derive from the High-Speed Ground-Transportation program which the Senator guided into becoming an Act last year, and it is worthwhile having them presented in readable form. The possibilities for technological advances in rail transport are also covered in a thorough manner. An excellent book to fill the commuting hours.

Publisher: Praeger