WHY I AM A MORMON by Senator Wallace F. Bennett


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To give the reasons for one's faith and religious convictions as warmly and confidently as has the U. S. Senator from Utah, Wallace F. Bennett will win friends whether they become converts or not. Here the puzzled inquirer will find a fascinating account, not only of the author's reasons for being a Mormon, but also of the history and doctrine of this determined religious group which has grown in a century and a quarter to nearly a million and a half adherents, most of them in the United States. Their claim is that theirs is a restored church, following a direct revelation of Christ to certain persons on the North American continent. Consequently, their Church is the true Church of Christ for this generation, and as such cannot directly associate or cooperate with other Protestant or Catholic Churches. But their friendliness, honesty, and sobriety, patterned after their revelation, has won for them wide acceptance and respect and prosperity, and its members are to be found in increasing numbers among the leading citizens of the country. To Senator Bennett, indeed, it is almost a distinctively American religion, strong in its emphasis on human freedom and enterprise,--with proper recognition here and hereafter for the elect of God. The Mormons are fortunate in having such an able apologist. The author hopes that many non-Mormons will read his book.

Pub Date: April 3rd, 1958
Publisher: Nelson