CAT ENCOUNTERS: A Cat-Lover's Anthology by Seon & Gogo Lewis--Eds. Manley

CAT ENCOUNTERS: A Cat-Lover's Anthology

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The Manley and Lewis duo, practiced anthologizers of supernatural tales, journey to another unearthly realm with this collection of talking, psychic, and spectral cat stories. And, as they promise, the 40-odd pieces--many from England and Scotland--exhibit the ""joy, compassion, mystery, humor, and grace"" that inspire cat-owning writers. In Robertson Davies' Frankenstein parody, a young scientist creates a monstrous twelve-cat compound--jealous, clumsy, dull--witted-who fatally swats the scientist's girlfriend. . . and, rejected, babbles tearfully in slightly altered Frankenstein phrases. Henry Slesar adds a new twist to the in-law introduction ordeal in ""My Father, the Cat,"" while Michael Joseph expresses with eerie precision the physical feelings of a man transformed into ""The Yellow Cat."" Arguing with deadpan logic, Oliver Herford lends credence to the rumor that cats indeed are people. Welcome familiars include John Coleman Adams' sailor Middy, Lilian Jackson Braun's avenging Madame Phloi, Charles Dudley Warner's aristocrat Calvin, Herriot's Christmas cat, and Saki's tribute to ""The Achievement of the Cat."" With brief, informative introductions, this is an entertaining corpus of tales true and otherwise that wittily illumines the mystique of the highly anthropomorphized domestic cat.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1979
Publisher: Morrow