NATURE'S REVENGE by Seon & Gogo Lewis--Eds. Manley


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From Ellery Queen, Fantasy and Science Fiction, and similar/1978 sources, eight ""Eerie Stories of Revolt Against the Human Race."" Carol Coil's malevolent ""Garden of Evil"" actually murders an old woman and then her young heir, and in Manley's own ""The Most Beautiful Bird in the World,"" a collector's specimens return to life and attack him; conversely, in James H. Schmitz' ""Balanced Ecology"" a whole environment rises up to save the good humans who would protect the area from ruthless others. Ray Bradbury's ""The Wind"" has a satisfactory chill, and elsewhere a diabolic child is melodramatically destroyed, an experimenter with plants kills a fellow-scientist to avenge a philodendron, and an intellectual lab rat speaks (and thinks) in the tongue of his researchers. For the most part, calculated effects--with superfluous commentary by the editors.

Pub Date: April 11th, 1978
Publisher: Morrow