AIR COMMANDO by Serge Vaculik


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A custom-fit for Steig's snippets- and small fry dreaming away of glory, Serge Vaculik's story of his war experiences has all the necessary elements -- patriotism, heroic courage in face of danger, cleverness in escape, romantic love. Though Moravian born, he was a French student when Paris was occupied. He escaped the Vichy forces and managed after numerous jailings on route to make England and the Free French forces. Captured in France on a mission, he survived torture by the Gestapo only to face the firing squad with his comrades, at which moment he turned tail for the forest. Shielded by members of the Resistance, he had a joyful reunion with his indestructible comrade Ginger, who had also outwitted his would- be executioners. After the war, a military court sentenced these men, a transcription of whose trial is included. The British wife whom he had married without parental consent -- Nicky's mother didn't value Serge's heritage in relation to her titled daughter- divides her time with both parties. Attractive adventure.

Publisher: Dutton