ANGELIQUE IN LOVE by Sergeanne Golon


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This in the open-bodiced annals of Angelique- resumes her story aboard the Couldsboro where she, as well as the ship, is in the command of the buccaneer, Rescator, his ""heart sheathed in steel"", his face in a leather mask. But can it be-- it can-Rescator is none other than her first love and first husband, Joffrey de Peyrac, and there are other resurrections and reunions to follow, with their missing sons. Angelique who has brought a King and a Sultan to their knees, has a harder time with Joffrey-- they are so busy with icebergs, storms, pirates, Angelique's suitor Berne, Rescator's enemy on the Mediterranean high seas- Mezzo-Morte. But finally Angelique, who has left ""her soul's seven veils on bushes at the wayside"", reaches the ""land of Rainbows"" and Redskins and Joffrey.... While her audience here has not been as avid as abroad, this new book, which finds Angelique still more loving and more giving, may well find additional takers for this improbable continuum of passion and prostration.

Publisher: Putnam