ANGELIQUE IN REVOLT by Sergeanne Golon


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More (the fifth in this series) of Angelique, that votary of passion, following her escape from Morocco as she returns home to her native Poitou which is now bristling with the Huguenot heresy and revolt. The King (Louis XIV) is still importunate, but Angelique will not submit; she is hunted and she flees and flees; she is ravished and later gives birth to Honorine ""the fruit of crime and rape"". And now with Honorine, she is forever on the run. There are men in her life- but they are fewer; Valentine, the miller; Nicholas, the King's Lieutenant; and long distance- the King; but finally Angelique escapes, with little Honorine, aboard the ship which sails towards freedom and which finds her once again in the hands of the masked man, Rescator the pirate... Forever--Angelique, it seems unthinkable but likely. She has seared her way across the continent toward international best sellerdom and her success is not to be minimized.

Pub Date: March 18th, 1963
Publisher: Putnam