LET'S FIGHT and Other Russian Fables by Sergei Mikhalkov

LET'S FIGHT and Other Russian Fables

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Let's Fight"" will teach you a lesson (the pugnacious get no choice of weapons) and so will ""The Wondergoose"" (who tastes like any other Gosling to the Fox who hasn't read his story or its rave review) but all of these are more satiric than didactic, closer to Montaigne, for instance, than to Aesop. An Ass by another name is ""Class Mammalia, Order Perissodactyla, Family Equidae, Species Equus asinus"" (""It sounded very important""); an Elephant runs from a Rabbit (""who ever heard of a Rabbit chasing an Elephant?"") in pursuit of his autograph. The laconic drawings heighten the amusement, the layout is inviting, and children will take up the challenge; Let's Fight.

Pub Date: Nov. 20th, 1968
Publisher: Pantheon