CHICAGO MURDERS by Sewell Peaslee -- Ed. Wright
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A selection of seven murder cases from Chicago's black museum for the second volume in the Regional Murder Series -- this is a volume that outranks the New York Murders on all counts. (Well, why wouldn't Chicago?)..These, with the exception of one provide expert, enigmatic entertainment...crimes that today are still curious and conjectural...problems ranging from the peculiar to the pathological. Vincent Starrett's annals of Dr. Cra, alleged abortionist and multiple murderer; Craig Rice's present-day classic, the Wynekoop case; John Martin's fabulous H.H. Holmes and his murder castle; analytically researched murder-suicide of a young girl; and Leroy McHugh's paradom of the Dr. Peacock -- these are choice in a choice collection...For the true mystery fans plus the thriller market.

Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce