AMERICAN WINDMILLS: Harnessers of Energy by Shaaron Cosner

AMERICAN WINDMILLS: Harnessers of Energy

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Cosner's drab and skimpy survey consists of dry-as-dust specs on early American windmills in general and a perfunctory history of particular mills and the ups and downs of windmill technology. There are isolated examples of recent applications inspired by the looming energy crunch, and a two-paragraph chapter describing the abortive million-dollar mill at Grandpa's Knob, Vermont--without a word of commentary, it's as pointless as the experiment itself is made to seem. With fewer than fifteen full pages of text, spaced out by a dull-looking clutch of photos and drawings, this won't even get by on the appeal of the subject--especially in light of Dennis' lively, intelligent, and smart-looking Catch the Wind (1976).

Pub Date: June 15th, 1977
Publisher: McKay