VIOLENCE IN THE STREETS by Shalom--Ed. Endleman


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Cain, not Abel was the father of mankind"" and in these selected essays, you'll find probing analysis and inquiry into the nature of violence and violence as nature. Included is a thoughtful look at an America whose self-image is characterized by a large component of violence and the dangerously increasing tendency to use force as means of social change both at home and abroad. This is backed up by studies of mass media, particularly television and its effect: education and its irrational refusal to acknowledge the enemy--the Jack-lives-on-Pleasant-Street-in-Pleasant-City syndrome. There are articles dealing with delinquency, gang warfare, the Hell's Angels, the Gangster as ""tragic hero,"" racing as representative of the aggressive impulse, city planning, racism and riots, poverty and the rebellion of despair, the role of the police and police brutality. Contributors include the Watts Commission on the Riots, Bruno Bettelheim, Bayard Rustin, Police Commissioner of New York City Howard Leary, Norman Mailer, Kenneth Clark, Jane Jacobs, and Gilbert Geis. Important for the behavioral scientist, the cop on the beat, as well as the potential victim. Try for the Lorenz-Ardrey audience.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1968
Publisher: Quadrangle