DID YOU SEE WHAT I SAID? by Shan Ellentuck


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Did you see what I said?"" You will.... Miss Pandora Parker is a terrible busybody. She loves to talk about people and she is ""always sticking her nose in somebody's business. Did you SEE what I said?"" Turn the page and see her nose holding a snail. One day she noticed a very peculiar wagon parked at the edge of the woods. She was ""beside herself with curiosity."" D. y. S. w. I. s.? Turn the page and see two Miss Parkers smiling at each other. There were some very peculiar noises indeed, and she was ""tickled pink to have something new to talk about!"" And talk she did until ""everybody was in a terrible stew. "" But it turns out to be a false alarm and Miss Parker is rebuked: ""you've made monkeys out of us all."" She is so ashamed that she wishes she could ""sink right into the ground...AND SHE DID."" The author-artist of The Upside-Down Man (1965) has lots of fun taking similes seriously youngsters will giggle at the butcher and the baker and the bride tossed about in the stew pot and how1 when they're all s c a r e d s t i f f.

Pub Date: April 7th, 1967
Publisher: Doubleday