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by Shane Reynolds

Pub Date: Jan. 4th, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-5043-0596-9
Publisher: BalboaPressAU

Debut author Reynolds’ self-help book aims to motivate and educate readers on how to effect real, positive change in their lives.

The Australian author establishes himself as something of a Renaissance man who found million-dollar success in a variety of fields, including computer science, finance, and real estate. But he’s also had his fair share of struggles, including the tragic loss of dear friends, depression, and a financial crisis that bankrupted him. Now a motivational speaker, he shares what he’s learned throughout his life. First, he asserts that one must have the courage to change—to let go of negative emotions and perceptions, and commit oneself to personal growth using positive motivation. In terms of relationships, he says that one should strive to become mentally and emotionally independent, and to develop love for oneself; however, he also points out that “being independent doesn’t mean living like a hermit.” Finally, Reynolds shares his wisdom about maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle and becoming financially literate, as well as offering additional resources for further study. At first glance, this might seem like just another, generic self-help book, but one quickly finds that its quality is above and beyond other works of its type. The prose reads effortlessly, for one thing, and it’s organized in a way that smoothly and topically guides readers through its ideas. It also includes elements that some self-help books miss, such as specific, practical financial tips and the reasons behind them (“Pay off the high-interest debt first, so that you can actually keep any money you make by investing”); there’s even insightful instruction on how to best use other instructional books (“Information in self-help books cannot be digested like novels”). Reynolds promotes self-confidence, but not arrogance, and personal progress, but not at the expense of others. This is a book that will keep on giving, as long as readers are willing to study and apply it.

A well-balanced guide to changing vital parts of one’s life for the better.