KIT CARSON Trailblazer and Scout by Shannon Carst

KIT CARSON Trailblazer and Scout

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The life and experiences of Kit Carson, ""mountain man"", spanned the most glamorous years of western adventure. This is good biography, showing him in the best light, without sentimentalizing his character or career. Carson was a friend of the down-trodden, he recognised and had a wholesome respect for the ability of the Indian fighter, and -- on the whole -- fought him fairly and won, in return, the confidence of his adversary in defeat. He was often on the losing side -- as when he went to Washington to plead for his friend Fremont, but he was too late; Kearny had won his point. Carson was modest of his prowess, ambitious within limitations, honest, courageous, restless when the home life in Taos which he thought he wanted, became too tame. A good picture of a man and a period, with enough hint of the fault being on both sides to save it from being an unfair picture of our dealings with the Indians.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1942
Publisher: Messner