HORSE AND A HERO by Shannon Garst


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The OK Ranch was near Laramie, Wyoming -- and Blythe Randall was wondering how she could cope with new people and new experiences. Her shyness and sense of insecurity seemed to spoil every experience offered her. But the Maxwells were different. They made her welcome; they made her feel important; they built up a sadly deflated ego- except for the warning against Rory, who didn't take any girl seriously ...The horse aspects of the this story- the life and adventures on the ranch- are well done, and it may well be taken in stride for these factors, sure passports to success. But on the other side- the story of three girls in competition over one boy, and the emerging romance, Shannon Garst is not at his best, and it seems aimed at middle teens and falling to junior high level.

Pub Date: Aug. 28th, 1962
Publisher: Hastings House