HOW TO MARRY SUPER RICH: Or Love, Money and the Morning After by Sheila Graham

HOW TO MARRY SUPER RICH: Or Love, Money and the Morning After

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Snippets and scraps that might have been left over from Graham's gossip column, written with the deference (even when she's bitchy and often she is) of a shopgirl toward her betters -- and suggesting that although you can take the girl out of the East End of London you can't take the East End of London out of this girl. As Graham is not the first to notice, the super rich are different, or quickly learn to be -- there's Jackie O. who used to just a nice wife and mother and look at her now, or Zsa Zsa who early on found out everything she needed to know on her mother's knee. And who can forget Linda Christian and that nude statue on Tyrone Power's front lawn? Still, money hasn't been entirely a bad thing for the likes of Christina Ford who after her frivolous youth has settled in as a Grosse Point matron, or Gloria Rubio, the daughter of a Mexican seamstress, now Mrs. Loel Guinness, or for Gregg Dodge (living by the motto ""You can't be too thin. Or too rich."") who although she sued her mother-in-law for eleven million dollars is now so hoity that even the Drexels have been known to attend her Palm Beach soirees. And how did these ladies make it? Not by baking Girl Scout cookies, that's for sure.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1974
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap