GOLDEN BUTTER by Sheila La Farge


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A sly spoof of obsessions and ennui. Jan is hooked on butter, his wife on honey, the kids on jam, and life on their island retreat is an extended feast. On the other hand, ""the king in his castle had none of the peace or pleasures of Jan's island"". But when a bear terrorizes the country and the ministers need a hunter the king calls in Jan, butter barrel and all. Giving encouragement to every passing cow (""Chew on""), Jan locates the bear with a little help from a friendly informer; the bear gets crocked--on butter--and the two stroll back to the palace. For his reward, Jan requests the bear (""to help churn the butter and collect honeycombs"") and suggests that the king butter his own toast (""It's half the fun""). The basically diverting ideas are somewhat diffused in the text and the overgrown illustrations but it's still pleasantly palatable.

Pub Date: June 20th, 1969
Publisher: Dial