SUPERLEARNING by Sheila & Lynn Schroeder with Nancy Ostrander Ostrander


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What's Superlearning? Memory techniques developed by Georgi Lozanov, at his Bulgarian Institute of Suggestology, that can relieve pain, double profits, and win Olympic medals. Like those miracle slicers advertised on television, the transformation requires little effort and lasts a lifetime. Essentially, superlearning involves a receptive state of consciousness, altered by relaxation exercises and maintalned by specific musical rhythms--the largo movements of Baroque concertos come highly recommended. Salesmen use it, athletes too, and even children can be trained to improve spelling and math test scores. Dramatic new measures, especially those introduced by fervent devotees, tend to stoke our skepticism, and this one, with its double-jointed vocabulary (suggestopedia, didactogenic, sophrology), is no exception. Ostrander & Schroeder, you may remember (even without the course), have written previously on ESP, so it comes as no surprise that parapsychology (hunches, eyeless sight, etc.) pops up for another endorsement at the end. The evidence is quite relaxed, the pace kind of breathless, but a Kirlian photograph would catch a familiar corona. For the suggestible.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1979
Publisher: Delacorte