THE BIRD CARE BOOK by Sheldon L. Gerstenfeld


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Following the format of Taking Care of Your Dog (1979) and Taking Care of Your Cat (1979), Gerstenfeld attempts to provide equally comprehensive bird care information--but falls somewhat short of the mark. What's missing, mainly, are descriptions and differentiations between the common domestic birds. And, though he tries to relate his data to several types of birds (different types of food; dosages for each), the budgerigar gets most of the attention. There is, however, plenty of useful general information on such things as importing birds, traveling with them, and being a responsible owner. There are also lists of those obscure government agencies, publications, and veterinarians specializing in birds. Other helpful information includes how to put up a cage, how to prepare a nutritious diet, teaching a bird to talk, and ways to bird-proof your house for out-of-cage daily flights. Gerstenfeld's illness and injury decision charts help one know when veterinary care is imperative, and when home remedies will do. There are precise explanations of how to transport an injured bird, and how to treat everything from broken bones to heatstroke. Considering the small number of books of this genre available, this one should be a welcome addition to bird owner's bookshelves--especially alongside a more specialized book like, say, Bates and Busenbark's Parrots and Related Birds.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1981
ISBN: 0201095599
Publisher: Addison-Wesley