THE ELECTRIC WAR: The Fight Over Nuclear Power by Sheldon Novick

THE ELECTRIC WAR: The Fight Over Nuclear Power

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Sheldon Novick, an editor at Environment magazine and author of The Careless Atom (1969), has assembled a journalistic collage of the nuclear energy issue. Loosely structured interviews with Barry Commoner, Carl Walske, William Anders, David Brower, a young uranium miner, several local activists, and Ralph Nader among others are interspersed with a detailed account of the history of the nuclear industry--including excerpts from Daniel Webster's precedent-setting argument in favor of private property rights, long the rationale for not regulating utility (now nuclear) companies. Though Novick allows the proponents and opponents to speak for themselves, his tendency is to introduce those against nuclear power as more ""candid"" and ""open"" than their more ""calculating"" counterparts. A wide-ranging survey that weights its case but comes to no conclusions, and time-consuming if you're after specific information.

Pub Date: Oct. 25th, 1976
Publisher: Sierra Club