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BLOOD BORN by Shelley Wilson


From the Immortals - Wilson series, volume 1

by Shelley Wilson

Pub Date: May 23rd, 2023
ISBN: 9781643973401
Publisher: BHC Press

Everything changes for Emma Hartfield after she dies, awakens as a vampire, and learns the dark history of her family.

Seventeen-year-old Emma, who was raised by her grandmother Flora, has always been a loner who has felt darkness inside her. After she’s attacked by a vampire, Emma suddenly has enhanced powers of perception and a craving for blood. Flora is oddly unsurprised by this turn of events but sets out with a promise to get more information about what’s going on. Then Cara, a different vampire, shows up and opens Emma’s eyes to the (literally) underground world of vampires and the ongoing struggle between the Immortals and the half-bloods. Emma starts developing real friendships with the vampires in the nest she joins, and they team up to rescue Flora, who has gone missing. But when the truth about her biological family comes to light, Emma will have to decide where her loyalties lie. The action-forward story combines tried-and-true vampire lore with some new twists. However, worldbuilding elements are often plopped into the story rather than being naturally woven in, and the descriptions feel too slight to make it fully engrossing. A romance subplot isn’t given enough time to be believably built up. Readers may relate to Emma’s questions surrounding family and belonging, but because so many characters are one-note, it’s hard to become truly invested. Emma is cued White; some racial diversity of secondary characters is implied.

A flimsy story about vampires and chosen family.

(Paranormal. 13-18)