TESSIE: The Round of Channel One by Shephard Mead

TESSIE: The Round of Channel One

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A not very important, or successful, spoof on TV, which has on the credit side a touch of light lunacy. Strictly a gag story, this is based on the success of a collie, Tessie, in the early days of TV, when the gimmick was the search of all aspiring performers. Eddie Woodley, a contented printing salesman, inherits Tessie and soon finds out that not only is she unpredictable, a drunkard and a problem, but that in front of an audience, she is ham supreme. Her rise in TV takes her from the commercials on to the entertainment part of the program and just when he and Treakle, who takes Tessie through her performances, are ready to clean up --Tessie is kidnaped. When her body is found, there is nation-wide excitement, her funeral is a day's wonder -- and when the real Tessie turns up, she is quite another character, love and motherhood having done the damage. A couple of sidelights on the newest profession, this is for pastime perusal only.

Pub Date: Jan. 25th, 1950
Publisher: Doubleday