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by Sheri Hood illustrated by M. Faith Shaheen

Pub Date: July 1st, 2007
ISBN: 978-0-9793823-0-7

In this delightful picture book, Dixie the fairy overcomes her fears to save a friend.

Young Dixie has a problem–while fairies in Pixie Land are usually born with four wings, she has only two, and this causes her to get all tangled up and quit in defeat whenever she tries to fly. She is sad to discover that she can’t just wish her situation away. But when a bumblebee is swept away in the river, Dixie decides that her friend’s predicament is more important than her fears. In choosing to forget herself, she gains enough strength to fly to the rescue. Shaheen’s illustrations provide just the right touch, particularly when imparting expressions of sympathy and encouragement to Dixie’s bug friends, portraying surprise on a fish’s face and depicting how Dixie plucked up the drenched bee, “grabbed him by his fuzzy stuff,” and saved the day. Told in rhyme that does not miss a beat, this charming story delivers its moral with a light touch and gentle humor. Dixie is a heroine who chooses to be strong despite her insecurity and limitations, and learns to be happy with who she is, making this a tale that deserves to be read and reread many times over.

A good choice for young children who love fairies, and for parents and teachers who appreciate a valuable lesson delivered with wisdom and whimsy.