GETTING IT: The Psychology of est by Sheridan Fenwick

GETTING IT: The Psychology of est

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Finally. Here's someone who is willing to disclose the details of Erhard Seminars Training, and then go on to analyze them from a psychological point of view. Everything from the jargon of est (I get that I want an ice cream cone, and I'm too fat to eat it) to the dictatorial ""agreements"" that Erhard's minions enforce (not to go to the bathroom, or eat, or smoke, or talk during the marathon sessions) is revealed here, in the course of a personal narrative by a woman psychologist who took the $250.00 course--chiefly out of curiosity--and is able to maintain a certain objectivity about it. The first half is a chronicle of her experience in the training. The second is her analysis of it. Is est brainwashing? or psychotherapy? To what extent are the positive effects that subjects attribute to the training the result of self-fulfilling prophecy? Can est be harmful? Possibly, concludes the author. In spite of the fee, the hope of getting something for nothing is offered. A happiness market, and scary.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1976
Publisher: Lippincott