THE MAKING by Sherman Baker


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Sherman Baker's first novel is dedicated ""To All Who Read for Pleasure and For a Living."" Well, we read for a living and we found a certain amount of pleasure in identifying people and the problems in the industry with which Mr. Baker was associated. He was a member for years and he knows all about publishers, agents, reviewers, properties, contracts and of course authors. The novel deals with an old line publishing house Robert MacIntyre & Son which, under Son, is losing money and passing up its dividends. Its talented editor-in-chief, Alex Godowski, has tried to build a quality list; now they are going to attempt to make money (non-fiction, juveniles, and science book-club selections) and in the ouster of Alex' friend and subordinate (a best-selling author gets away from them; another is a plagiarist) and in Alex' eventual resignation, most of the mechanics of The Making of a book are substantiated. Interpersonal relationships (Alex' remarriage, illness, death and his subordinate's affair) provide the after hours interest. Alex and/or Baker will tell you that the great satisfaction in working in this field is the one in a hundred manuscript of genuine talent you discover. This would not qualify, but the occupational savvy helps to carry it. Otherwise, it's only intermediate fiction.

Pub Date: April 26th, 1966
Publisher: World