HIDDEN FLAME by Sherman Baker


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The midwest, the country club and cocktail set where marriages are shaken up along with the martinis, provide familiar landmarks for some domestic detours. Particularly concerned are Max and Nancy Ferguson. Max is unhappy and underpaid in his work in an industrial company after giving up a career as a sculptor-- and again divided between his home and children-- and the occasional affair. A night spent with Martha Brown leaves him with a persistent, pleading female on his hands- Martha is contemplating a divorce and remarriage to Max. Bob Macdonald, Nancy Ferguson's cousin, leaves his childless wife Judith to start again with his much younger secretary; Judith, acceding to the divorce she did not want, is left to an unreliable future. By the close, Max who loses his job- and almost loses Nancy- is able to find peace within himself and ready to settle for the certainties of one profession and one woman.... For rentals, vicarious entertainment of a sort which all goes to show that even if you marry you still burn.

Publisher: Little, Brown