JESUS IN HIS HOMELAND by Sherman E. Johnson
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This is a ""life"" of Jesus with a difference--a big difference. It is not a retelling and synthesis of the Gospel stories. It is rather a thoughtful historical study of the land in which Jesus was born, lived, and died. It gives a careful account of the nature of the land itself; the kind of people who live there, what they thought, and said, and did. It tells about their religion, and their religious conflicts; and aspirations. It draws fully, and richly upon the Dead See Scrolls for new light and the endorsement of long held opinions now become confirmed. It makes clear how all this would have affected a man like Jesus, and how he would have impressed those around him. In short, Dr. Sherman Johnson gives us a picture of Jesus of Nazaroth as a concrete individual, and a convincing character against the background of first-century Palestinian Judaism, In the concluding chapters of the book he shows how this historical Jesus is related to the Christ of the Christian faith. Both clergy and laity will find this an absorbing and rewarding book, scholastically sound, but free of the obscure scholarly reference which makes reading hard and the understanding feeble for any but another scholarly mind. Every New Testament reader needs this book.

Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 1957
Publisher: Scribner