STRAIGHT TALK: How to Improve Your Relationships Through Better Communication by Sherod & Others Miller

STRAIGHT TALK: How to Improve Your Relationships Through Better Communication

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A straight-talking, if somewhat prescriptive primer for general communication: positive in approach and specific in its examples. Three of the joint authors originated a ""Couple Communication"" course that they claim 75,000 couples across the world have taken; that experience has led them to identify four basic communication styles--""Small Talk,"" ""Control Talk,"" ""Search Talk,"" and ""Straight Talk""--that have varying degrees of usefulness (and vary, too, in the extent to which they're readily definable). A so-called ""Awareness Wheel"" (yes, it's jargon, but it's also soundly developed theory) helps the reader unmask and differentiate his own hidden feelings, intentions, sense impressions, interpretations, etc., as the first step toward communicating straightforwardly with others. Revealing what one genuinely feels (popularly known as ""I-message"") must be accompanied by a similar search for the other's ""Awareness Wheel"" through attentive listening--acknowledging, encouraging, interpreting, and ""checking out"" what you hear. Finally, communication works best in concert with an attitude of ""I Count Me/ I Count You"" (and any resemblance to the ""I'm OK, You're OK"" of Transactional Analysis is purely coincidental). The authors offer some detailed hints on communicating in bed, with kids, at work--all designed to make their approach more down-to-earth. What we have here is a fairly derivative work of popular psychology; but it's neatly organized, zippily clone, and probably among the, more coherent of its ilk.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1980
Publisher: Rawson, Wade--dist. by Atheneum