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Everyone who is at all familiar with the religious life of this country during he last fifty years will know who Sherwood Eddy is and what he has st thousands have heard him speak or read one or more of his thirty-five R. Mott, the late Robert E. Speer and Sherwood Eddy constituted a tri the lives of countless students in this country and throughout the , given and direction to the missionary cause and exercised a potent in the of this country and upon international affairs. Now at eighty-four, planning to travel around the world on an evangelistic mission, out to write his autobiography. His has been an intense, a furiously and varying interests. Independently wealthy, his life was given new direction might L. Meedy at Northfield. Joining the student Volunteer Movement, he gave of service to India under the Y.M.C.A. with which organization he has as a layman all his life. A fervent and effective evangelist, he by the thousand among the students of India, China, Japan and various Having seen World War I at first hand, he become an outspoken pacifist later abandoned. His ""get acquainted"" visitation seminars to Europe of many American participants and won for Eddy the confidence of . Starting out with a purely personal religion, Eddy later became a Social Gospel, speaking and writing for economic and social justice never hesitating to espouse unpopular causes. His latest major interest in in this volume gives his analysis of all the tense political situations in the , Russia, China, Korea -- and his estimate of the leading personalities of most of whom he has known personally -- and all this with the nations characteristic of our newspaper commentators at their best. A very most interesting life story of one who has been a driving force in the life .

Publisher: Harper